Our Landscape

Many of us have responsibly followed our culture’s rules for success, working hard to clamber up the organizational ladder, striving for and often achieving titles, minions – and, yes, results as well. But what kind of results? Increasingly, they are inadequate – without consideration for those who cannot voice their needs, and for what is wanted best in the longer term.

We need a new definition for success.

The world needs a new definition for success. Paul Hawken writes in his ground-breaking book, “Blessed Unrest”, “The dawn of the twenty-first century has witnessed two remarkable developments in our history: the appearance of systemic problems that are genuinely global in scope, and the growth of a world-wide movement that is determined to heal the wounds of the earth [and humankind] with the force of passion, dedication, and collective intelligence and wisdom.”

Each of us has something the world needs that is ours uniquely to contribute. And the gains awaiting us go far beyond external status and the acquisition of stuff but to the absolute essence of our existence: Humankind’s natural longing to contribute to something greater than personal gain -- and the paradoxical inner richness we receive as a result. This is the new definition of success we seek.

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